WH QUESTIONS (present tense)

WH Questions with “TO BE”

WH Questions with Present Simple

These are questions that we ask to find out about the subject. The question word comes before the verb without the use of the auxiliary verb. You just omit the subject and put the question word without making any change in the sentence order.

For example:

Who works at a university?” (Not who does work at a university? This is wrong!!)


works at a university.

Who is a teacher at a university?”

Sheis a teacher at a university.

“What is expensive?”

The book is expensive.

Which book tells an intersting story?”

The expensive book tells an interesting story.


Object questions ask about the object of a sentence. The word order of the question must be changed. Use Who or Whom for people and What for objects.

For example:

* John helps Alice.

Who helps Alice? John helps Alice. (subject question)

Who(m) does John help? John helps Alice. (object question)

* John is with Alice.

Who is with Alice? John is with Alice. (subject question)

Who is John with? John is with Alice. (object question)

* The book gives a good example.

What does the book give? The book gives a good example.